Sri lanka’s economic crisis

Sri Lanka, an island nation situated in the Indian Ocean next to India, is currently experiencing one of its worst times since gaining independence from the British in 1949. Sri Lanka has remained volatile since its independence. The tussle between the Tamils and the Sinhalese community has always been a problem in Sri Lanka. A […]

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‘Love Jihad’

THE INSIDE VIEW BLOG #15 On November 24, The Uttar Pradesh government brought out the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful conversion of religion ordinance 2020. This law has been brought out to curb the so called ‘Love Jihad’, which is considered as a major threat that is being faced by Hindu women. What is ‘Love […]

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What has happened to our courts?

THE INSIDE VIEW BLOG #13 Our judicial system has been well acclaimed all over the world for its independent and impartial functioning. But I doubt if the courts can still boast about its impartial functioning as an independent body? Let’s start with the story of a star news anchor Arnab Goswami, the editor-in-chief of the […]

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“Beti Bachao!”

THE INSIDE VIEW BLOG #11 An infamous incident that took place this week has made the whole of India bow their heads in shame. It’s the Hathras rape victim’s case. The cremation of the victim’s body without the consent of her family added to the rage of the common public. Why is this happening in […]

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Why are farmers protesting?

THE INSIDE VIEW BLOG #10 The Upper house of the parliament passed three controversial farm bills this week. There have been huge protests by the farmers of Punjab and Haryana against these new bills. Why are the farmers protesting against these bills when the central government says this bill is historic? What are these bills […]

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What next for Palestine?

THE INSIDE VIEW BLOG #9 This week, an historic Abraham Accord was signed between Israel and two Arab countries UAE and Bahrain. This upholds what Israel’s defence minister, Moshe Dayan said after the victory of Six-day war, “We have returned to our holy places…. and we shall never leave them” The Israeli government had signed […]

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“An Act of God”

THE INSIDE VIEW BLOG #8 The Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman described the pandemic as “an act of god” during the press conference after the GST council meeting. Most of us agree with that expression because we had never thought that a microscopic virus could affect our lives to this great extent. But let’s talk about […]

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Where is India heading?

INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL BLOG India, a country that is rich in culture and heritage, the second populous country in the world and it is the fifth largest economy in the world. On this eve of the 74th Independence Day, let’s try to find answers to certain questions. What is India’s future going to be? How […]

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An anti-green road project

THE INSIDE VIEW BLOG #7 Infrastructural development is an essential part of the overall development of a country. But when these infrastructural projects become “anti-green”, then it does more harm than good. One such project is the 8-lane Peripheral ring road project that is going to be constructed in the “Garden City”, Bengaluru. What is […]

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How wise has the decision by the Modi government to abrogate Article 370 been?

THE INSIDE VIEW BLOG #6 Almost a year ago, Home Minister Amit Shah passed the historic decision of abrogating Article 370 and taking off the special status that was given to Jammu and Kashmir since the independence. Was this really a wise decision as all of us thought at the beginning? After winning the elections […]

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Support True Journalism

We are happy to inform you that the Cityzen Journal is racing towards 3k followers and our viewership extends to almost 25 countries belonging to almost 6 continents. At this momentous occasion we are finding it difficult to continue our journalism without any funds. Neither We have monetized this website nor do we earn from […]

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